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Friday, April 13, 2018 9:00 am - 11:30 am
Location: Binghamton, NY
Description: •What does the Committee on Special Education (CSE) consider when determining initial and ongoing student eligibility, needs and supports?
•How are decisions made for various services - aide? physical, occupational or speech therapists? counseling? other school programs? outside contractors or programs?
•How do schools and students reduce the use of aides over time?
•What concerns are raised about flexibility, peer supports, other school programs?
•When student, school staff and parents disagree on how much support is needed, how do we have these conversations and come to mutual agreement?

Join us for an overview of laws, school obligations, and some communication strategies for the students, educators, and parents who determine individual supports.

Weny DeWind, Esq., Education and Labor Law, member of NYS State and Broome Bar Associations, S.T. Special Education Task Force Governing Board, NYS Council of School Attorneys, NYS School Boards Association, National Council of School Attorneys, National School Boards Association. and NYS Management Advocates for School Labor Affairs

Lauriel Thomas-McCoy, Director of Special Education and Related Services for Deposit Central School District, over 25 years of experience with special education services.

Location: Southern Tier Independence Center
(Helen Keller Room)
135 East Frederick Street
Binghamton, NY
Contact Information:
Shelley Hubal